I thought it would be interesting to catalog the growth or otherwise in the number of visitors and search impressions over the first 3 months after a brand new website first appears on Google.

This is easily done using Google Webmaster Tools.

I conducted the study on a brand new site that had been developed from scratch to target very specific SEO content.  The content itself was quite simple, but added to regularly – once amalgamated together it forms a useful resource for interested parties.

Other than a couple of links as way of introduction to the new site, I performed no link building.

The intention was to see whether after 3 months, the often discussed Google sandbox effect, was removed from the new website and to see any difference in ranking and visitor growth from that point.

Here is a graph showing the results:

3 month graph of a new website


There appears to be very limited and slow growth as the content of the website increases.  I’ll post back in another month to see how it has progressed since.