As the owner of a Buckshaw Village IT Support company, I know how much broadband is valued by new and existing businesses. As Buckshaw Village has grown, so have the options for broadband for both residential and business customers…

UPDATE January 2016 – OVO Energy are now offering Broadband services. (Not particularly competitive)

Unlimited Broadband £25 a month

Unlimited Fibre £35 a month

More information here

UPDATE December 2015:

Another year brings even cheaper broadband for Buckshaw Village…

Fuel Broadband – FREE for 12 months, and the £5.00 per month (it’s A 12 month contract…)

PlusNet – £2.50 per month plus line rental

BT Broadband -from £5.00 a month plus line rental

Sky Broadband - from £4.00 per month plus line rental

Zen Internet giving quality service stay on £19.50 per month plus line rental

UPDATE December 2014:

How things change in a couple of years!

Large parts of Buckshaw Village are now Fibre Enabled,  with some great deals to be had:

BT Broadband -from £7.50 a month plus line rental

Sky Broadband – from £10 per month plus line rental

For those wanting a home/office quality of service, with great customer service you can do worse than look at

Zen Internet – from £19.50 per month plus line rental

Buckshaw Village Broadband

Buckshaw Village broadband options are poor – very poor. Considering the village has been designed and built from scratch over the last decade or so, it would have been reasonable to expect that critical infrastructure such as broadband would have been a core part of the planning and design process.

As a small technology business based in Buckshaw Village, I was amazed to be told that the best broadband speeds using normal copper wire phone lines would be a very poor 1mb. Now, this wasn’t a “low end” consumer broadband provider such as Talktalk, it was a business grade service provided by the excellent Zen Internet from Rochdale.

With over a population of 4000, and with roads and infrastructure being laid down daily the area would have been a fantasic opportunity for a cable provider such as Virgin Media to roll out en-mass to give a high speed service to all living on Buckshaw Village.


Step forward Microwave Broadband

Fortunately, a couple of companies have appeared to quench the demand for high speed broadband on Buckshaw Village, Namely Sonic Internet, and Boundless Communications who provide broadband speeds of upto 20mb using microwave link technology from your home to their masts dotted around the area. A small mast is attached to your home and pointed to one of the providers discreet masts. The link from the mast to the Internet is carried over fibre which means it can provide very fast and very reliable broadband speeds.

It’s great to see small local businesses serving the area with such a vital niche product at reasonable cost.