Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a widely used term in website design and marketing but people have varying views as to its importance and effectiveness.
In days of old, optimizing a website meant getting a particular keyword or phrase onto a page as many times as possible to trick the search engines into thinking it was a critically important webpage or site about that keyword. Now however, the search engines have evolved to rate sites more for ease of use for a user and the quality of content and information to be found on a website.
See how optimising your website for Google and other search engines can increase your sales

Website Optimisation

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At Eighty Twenty, we prefer to view SEO as a set of guidelines of how to improve a website from a user's perspective - not so much from a graphical perspective, but on what information is available and how relevant it is to the reader looking for specific information.
A well optimized website can draw in many times more visitors and potential customers compared to an un-optimized website. Search Engine Optimization can involve rewriting website content, fine grained tweaking of pages, restructuring a website and promoting the website in other external circles such as social media, press releases and niche groups. Eighty : Twenty offer various levels of search engine optimization depending upon your business. All of our techniques are legitimate and follow the guidelines specified by Google. We think they result in a better experience for the website user as well delivering more business to you.