Homeless PC - Alternative Computer Disposal

The Homeless PC Scheme is an alternative computer disposal and recycling scheme run by us to offer companies a more creative and environmentally friendly option of PC disposal.
The homeless PC scheme has all the normal conveniences of computer removal such as secure data erasure to CESG compliance levels, and audit reports but the old PCs are rebuilt with Educational software and given free of charge to good causes who have a need for computer equipment. Removal fees cover collection, and data erasure around the Preston, Blackburn and Bolton areas.
Have a positive impact when you dispose of your unwanted PC equipment

Homeless PC Computer Disposal services

Call us on 01772 367177 for more details

Secure Data Removal

Our data removal software meets CESG standards and is approved for UK Government use.

Audit Report

An audit report is available detailing the data removal and asset information

Donated to Good Causes

The donated PC is installed with educational software and given to good causes.

We cover most areas of the northwest for our unique computer disposal service including Manchester, Preston, Chorley, Bolton and Blackburn. We also offer our computer disposal and recycling services further afield. For other Computer Disposal and Recycling specialists outside the Northwest, we recommend the website IT for Charities which list similar service providers.
Please note that we are only able to accept working PCs that are no longer suitable for your business use. We cannot accept non-functioning hardware.

Refurbished IT Products

We are also so provide very cost effective refurbished IT equipment.