The Homeless PC Scheme

Eighty:Twenty are proud to run the Homeless PC Scheme – a project aimed at removing and recycling unwanted, usable PC hardware from businesses for a small fee, securely destroying the data and then redistributing the PC free of charge, installed with new educational software to organisations and charities around the country who have a need for usable technology to train, educate and inspire.

As business software develops and new operating systems are released evermore powerful PCs are required to run the software. Often, PCs that are still usable are disposed off because they’ve come to the end of their natural life. However, these PC’s can still be put to good use using free software that doesn’t impose as much demand on the computer.

Most computer disposal companies resell the components and PCs to make a profit – we’re a little different; we give the PCs away in clean working order to charities and good causes who use them to make a difference. Whether it’s helping retrain homeless young people, providing sick children with educational tools or retraining the unemployed there’s always a use for a Homeless PC.

If you are interested in learning more, or have a working PC that you no longer want or need then contact us and we’ll put it to good use!

This is what we do:

  1. Remove your PC(s)
  2. Securely destroy all data on it and provide you confirmation this has been completed
  3. Install open source educational based software
  4. Give it to organisations that use the PC to train, educate and inspire people who would not otherwise have the opportunity.

Our fee is simple – we charge £45 per working PC removed.

We operate primarily in the Northwest of England, covering Manchester, Preston, Chorley, Blackburn and Burnley but will travel further to collect your unwanted PC equipment for volume disposals.

Important bit about WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)

We are not and do not need to be registered as a WEEE compliant organisation. The PCs are collected in working order and then redistributed free of charge. They never get classed as Waste.

More information about this is available here and here.

– Michael

Eighty : Twenty is a Business & Technology company providing digital marketing, IT support services and software development to companies and private clients in the Northwest of England. Eighty : Twenty can provide advice and assistance on the disposal of unwanted business computers around the northwest including Preston, Manchester, Blackburn and surrounding areas.