A quick illustration of how you can increase your website visitors with great content…

One of the key points that I make to my clients who are looking to increase their position on Google is that they need to give a reason for people to visit their site. A well written and useful article can have a massive impact on the number of relevant visitors to your website.

To illustrate this point, here’s a graphic from the Google Analytics dashboard of a recent client of mine. They’d had relatively low traffic on a consistent basis and approached me wanting to “get to the top of Google”. A common ask…

I advised them on some good content creation ideas centred around their business and the services provided to customer, and worked with them to create and publish the content and ensure it was good for SEO purposes. As you can see, the added content had an immediate effect on the number of visitors visiting the website – this was done purely on content creation, SEO with no massive link building strategies.

Analytics capture



In a previous post I expressed my frustration that Google seemed to rely too heavily on inbound links and this could be abused by simply creating thousands of spam links. It’s good to see that a website can now rank highly with very few links and just good content!


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