It’s been a busy few months at Eighty:Twenty, so much so that we’ve not really had chance to post any blog updates.

Over the years, our team has delivered IT support, software development and website services throughout the North West. IT support has moved from what was very technology focused solutions to becoming more involved in the creation and delivery of core business services.

One of the biggest challenges is to understand what a customer needs now, and in the future. There are a bewildering array of new technologies and services that “solve” business problems, but unless you look beyond the immediate requirement you can find yourself locked into a very expensive product or technology that is not fit for the business purpose.

Some IT support companies charge ridiculous amounts for the most basic of changes or installations knowing that the customer has little other option. With costs for IT support being upwards of £250 per HOUR, this is not a sustainable option for most businesses.

IT support services are becoming a skill of integration and business analysis to ensure that real value is delivered to business rather than just the latest technology. There is some incredibly robust and commercially supported open source software that will allow businesses to slash the costs of licencing, whilst not losing out on reliability.

Cloud platforms are allowing businesses to decentralise their operations, giving staff the ability to work remotely from the main office, be that from home, client site or on the road. Whereas companies had to previously spend thousands on a database server for their new MRP/ERP system, this cost can now be as little as a few pounds per month thanks to Cloud technology.

By using a little thought and bringing in the right expertise, smart companies are beginning to see that IT support shouldn’t be an overhead to carry, but can be an asset driving their business growth.