IT troubleshooting can be a delicate and time consuming task. Often the problems have developed over time, with temporary fixes or workarounds being put in place to avoid a costly overhaul. Ultimately however, this can lead to hidden losses and increased risk of system failure which in the event of a major outage could result in a substantial financial loss for your business.
We work with your staff to identify the main bottlenecks that are causing the root problems. A daily reboot for 3 staff members doesn’t sound much, but over a working year this can amount to 150 hours a year in lost productivity. Likewise, if IT problems are causing frustrations at work, then staff productivity falls. Technology should be there as a tool to support businesses, rather than hinder them.
Our mini-support service gives you the benefits of a support team but without the expense! This involves regular visits to premises to deal with issues on a regular basis such as once per week or twice a month for a set fee.

Mini Support Service

We'll visit you on a regular basis for an affordable fee.

80/20 Method

We'll deal with the big issues first before moving onto the smaller ones.

Train your Staff

We'll work with your staff to help them improve and understand the IT environment.